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Create Android/iOS app for Expedite Pluckeye

If there was an Android/iOS app connected to http://u.pluckeye.net/queue our fellows could faster approve our queued websites, without logging on pluckeye.net from their browsers. The app would display a notification and the helper could press "allow"/"don't allow" buttons or click on the website link to visit it.

It could be called "helpeye" and we could give it even to non pluckeye users, such as friends. It could by linked to our pluckeye machine account through the registration to u.pluckeye.net or with a 2-step verification.

Please vote for this. Thank you.

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  • AdminJon (Founder, Pluckeye) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    > helpeye

    I like the name.

    I agree that the notification system for expedite is quite primitive.

    Currently, browser notifications work, but as you point out, require a browser tab be open to u.pluckeye.net .

    On the bright side, if you can send a url to your friend, or really any message at all, they can expedite.

    The trick may be to find a way to do this in a socially acceptable, non-annoying way.

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